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Metamorphose Nutrition

CBD Nanotechnology

CBD Nanotechnology

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CBD W/ Nanotechnology

How Does it Work?
We have combined the power of nano-sizing and water soluble to create truly unique and incredible CBD products. By utilizing nanotechnology, we are able to increase the contact area of the CBD by turning one particle into millions of smaller particles, which increases the bioavailability and absorption dramatically. Combining the water-compatible nature and our proprietary nano-emulsification process, our NGBioTM Water Soluble Nano CBD products can be up to 10 times more effective than regular CBD oil products. It also allows the CBD to bypass some of the digestive process to provide even faster results.
Here are just a few added benefits of our proprietary nanotechnology:
Increased Bioavailability

Reduced Dissolution

Faster Onset

More CBD Being Retained

Effectiveness Increased

Direct Absorption
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