Intelligent headwear and accessories for modern women.

When I created my new collection I wanted to create something that should bring in woman's wardrobe a little bit of art.

All my life, I've been addicted to painting and drawing. My previous works were more picturesque and vivid, but I prefer drawing and graphics more than pictorial art, so my new jewelry made in more monochrome shades, they are similar to alive animated pencil sketches.

When I experimented with creating different characters and objects for my jewelry I chose them from my preferences and from my life as well. First, a peer may seem that my characters are a bit from different stories, but it is actually all about my life and how I made an experiment with a new tool and materials.

To create my accessories I chose 3D drawing because I wanted to create something unique and graphics. For my 3D drawings, I use PLA and ABS plastics.

I think my creations should fit perfect for festivals, parties, some special occasions or just brighten an ordinary day for you.

About me 

My name Kateryna Telushko, I'm from Kiev, Ukraine.

I'm making headpieces more than seven years, I went through a long path of trials and errors in different styles, forms, and materials in my work, constantly searching for new materials and ideas for what I'm doing.